An Incredible Amount of Red Ink

My manuscript is with the editor and it got me to thinking about the last time I’ve really shared any of my writing. It must have been in school. I got a lot of the same feedback  along the line of Continue reading “An Incredible Amount of Red Ink”


Dead End

While my Player 2 and I were in North Africa on a medical mission trip in June, one of the tourist activities we got to do was actually going inside and up into the Great Pyramid in Giza.  Just standing next to the pyramids was something else.  You learn about them as a child and you see them in pictures, but it’s completely different being right next to one.  It’s hard to know until you are right next to one, just how massive they are.  Each individual block on its own is huge.  Together, they form something unbelievable. Continue reading “Dead End”