Writing & Hiking

In Albuquerque, I learned that I really like to hike. I love being outdoors, exploring, and ending up in these amazing places that you can only get to on foot. I’ve hiked some trails here and there in New Mexico and Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the most incredible views if you’re willing to hoof it for a few hours out and a few hours back. Even driving, there are great views. Now that I’m in Montana, I have a new part of the country to explore. Continue reading “Writing & Hiking”


Writing & Daydreaming

For me, a lot of my pre-writing ritual happens to look a lot like daydreaming or, according to Player 2, staring off into space. My office at home is a great space for writing, but I’m also someone who likes to move around. I especially like to be active when I’m thinking or chewing on an idea. I always have a small journal and pen with me at the gym. I’m sure it looks like I’m keeping track of my reps when, actually, I’m just making notes for that day or writing. Continue reading “Writing & Daydreaming”