About the Author

S.L. Ember

S.L. Ember is a horror writer currently working on three projects, including a debut novel, The Architect’s Gallery, with plans to self-publish. The works of this new author are dark, creepy, and haunting stories. Each of the three upcoming novels is a standalone. When not writing in the home office in Montana, S.L. Ember can be found playing video games, enjoying the outdoors, or traveling.

About the Writing assistants


Eddy, a deer head chihuahua, turned 15 in December 2018 and has been a part of S.L. Ember’s family since he was just a puppy. He has been a faithful reading and writing companion for 15 years and is the best lap dog around. He loves to be wrapped in a warm blanket and his favorite thing to do is to go for a ride in the car. Eddy enjoys cozying up next to S.L. Ember during reading sessions, and in the middle of or on top of feet during writing sessions. He is a harsh, but fair critic and is paid in cuddles and treats.


Grayson, also a chihuahua, turned 4 in October 2018 and is a rescue who has been a part of S.L. Ember’s family since he was 1. Grayson loves to play, watch TV (not kidding), and enjoys trips to PetSmart to pick out new toys to bring home and carry around the house. Wanting to be heavily involved in the writing process, Grayson likes to lay down on top of open books or notepads, or to check out the keyboard during a writing session. He works hard to manage productivity and is paid in toys and TV time.