The fear in the eyes
Of a man who knows
That he will win a battle
In a day he has lost,
Begs to be reconciled.

And in the void, he gains
Succumbed to the glory
Of a win everlasting.

Today’s reverie is a reflection on the background of a character from a current work in progress. For this person, there are certain transactions in life that simply can’t be refunded–decisions that have been made that can become regrettable but not undeniable. You can dig a hole and fill it back up, but there will once have been a hole.

This isn’t someone who gently reassembles the pieces broken by life’s atrocities and lets a wound heal. Nor is it someone who leaves a wound open and picks at it, ruminating on each and every heartbreak that should have become a scar that instead is constantly scratched free of scabs until it festers into ruin.

This is someone who carefully inspects where he has been impaled by the world into which he deposited the best parts of himself, and then scoops up the earth in his palms to patch his mangled soul and returns to life with a feigned sense of normality. He lives among us and watches and waits. He regrets what has happened to him, but to him, it cannot be denied that it has happened.

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