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In Albuquerque, I learned that I really like to hike. I love being outdoors, exploring

, and ending up in these amazing places that you can only get to on foot. I’ve hiked some trails here and there in New Mexico and Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the most incredible views if you’re willing to hoof it for a few hours out and a few hours back. Even driving, there are great views. Now that I’m in Montana, I have a new part of the country to explore.

When I began working on The Architect’s Gallery, I found that being completely immersed in nature helps me work on an idea, much like kneading dough. It also has the bonus of bringing me back to my keyboard completely refreshed. In this case, I took my laptop in a satchel strapped across me. The sticky notes on my desktop may have gotten a little out of control.

On this trip, my Player 2 and I did a bit of driving to see the fall colors before the leaves fell and we did a short, but fun hike.  Below are some pictures from the drive and hike.



This time of year, the water is low, so I plan on going back in the spring after the snow has melted to get some pictures of a second waterfall we passed that didn’t really have water this time. My next goal is to take up backpacking next year.

Last #OptOutside post for Black Friday is coming soon with a few pictures of a short drive I took with family for this Thanksgiving.

Happy Screaming

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  1. I love this post, and the pics are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me nostalgic for years long past, when I used to pick up and just take off on a hiking trip. I hope you get more oops to go and share. I look forward to future posts.

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