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For me, a lot of my pre-writing ritual happens to look a lot like daydreaming or, according

to Player 2, staring off into space. My office at home is a great space for writing, but I’m also someone who likes to move around. I especially like to be active when I’m thinking or chewing on an idea. I always have a small journal and pen with me at the gym. I’m sure it looks like I’m keeping track of my reps when, actually, I’m just making notes for that day or writing.

If I’m working through a major point in my writing, I like to go somewhere away from home and get lost in nature. I’ll share a couple of places I’ve gone to recently in posts later today for more Opt Outside fun. But a lot of the time, I like to set up the scene in my mind and go through it like a movie before I sit down to write it. For those times, I tend to go to a walking trail nearby to process my thoughts.

Below is a picture from a few weeks ago of the walking trail I use. I wanted to share it here as it’s something I’m very thankful for this Thanksgiving season. It’s just a little path put in in my new neighborhood, but it’s been great to have. It runs along a creek and on the other side of the creek is a farm. At the very end of the sidewalk, where the trail ends until they add to it later, I can see the mountains in the distance on a clear day. I walked on this frequently until it snowed and it wasn’t as accessible.


And boy, did the snow dump down when it came. Every time I’ve tell someone here that this will be my first winter in Montana, they sort of laugh. I thought, that can’t be a good thing. But, I get it now. Especially after we had a day where it was 2 degrees.

I was also warned to go get a shovel around Halloween because there’s usually snow on the day of or around it. They were right. Below are a couple of pictures you may have seen on my Instagram that I shared when the snow kept coming.

(By the way, I was shoveling in the backyard, too, so my dogs would have somewhere to walk.) Shoveling snow is new to me, but I’ve learned that if I put in some headphones, it works just as well for my pre-writing rituals. Another new thing in my writing life to be thankful for. No snow in town right now, but I look forward to when it comes back. Snow makes for great writing weather.

Since I took the picture of my walking trail, the rest of the leaves have fallen. So, it looks much more like winter, but the sticks along the sides of the path turned out to be very useful for my book teaser, hah.

Happy Screaming

S.L. Ember


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