Debut Novel Title & Blurb Reveal

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If you follow along on my social media pages or on my blog, you have probably seen that the title and blurb reveal was set for October 25th–and now we’re here! I can’t believe it’s already the 25th. I hope everyone has their Halloween decorations and plans in place for next week!

I am very excited to share the title and a description of my debut novel with you. Below you will find the title, a special book teaser video I made for the title reveal, and a short description of my debut novel.

I am so happy to tell you that the title of my debut novel is

The Architect’s Gallery

The Architect’s Gallery

Amy Park is a beautiful, carefree painter living in a trendy loft in the city with her new husband. A tragic family accident brings the couple back to Amy’s hometown in the suburbs to live in her parents’ new house. Amy must now look after her younger brother during his last year at Falcon Point Academy.

The once close siblings work together to help each other through a difficult time. While figuring out how to move on from life’s lowest points, the distinction between reality and their dreams becomes unclear for this grief-stricken family. A dark and twisted presence, with a taste for torture and death, delights in the sadistic torment.

In this eerie tale exploring the luring compulsion of one’s innermost desires, Amy and her family must find a way to break free from the haunting dreams posing a threat to their lives.


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