Twitch Channel is Live-First Broadcast: Little Nightmares

I now have a twitch channel. Both my Player 2 and I will be playing and streaming on this channel. The channel will primarily stream survival horror, creepy, or eerie story games. If you are looking for some creepy or scary gems to watch this Halloween season, come check out the channel.


If you have a twitch account, you can follow there to see when I am broadcasting live. Otherwise, I will post here each time a new video is up for viewing.

The first broadcast is posted right now. We kicked off the channel with a game called Little Nightmares.

After seeing some game play from this game, I had to try it out for myself. It did not disappoint. I wasn’t sure what to expect story-wise (I didn’t read all the fan theories beforehand) and it was spectacular.

You play as a tiny girl in yellow garb and work your way through puzzles in this horror story on a cruise ship. For the most part, you try to stay hidden while making your way through the story and you try not to get killed or eaten. If you have played Amensia, there is one part in particular that reminded me of that game when you are surrounded by water. (side note-only game I’ve ever seen that effectively can make people genuinely afraid of water). In this game’s case—it was shoes, but a very similar and stressful situation.

Here are some screenshots from the game:


Little Nightmares_20170809122941

Little Nightmares_20170828122006

I won’t spoil the plot if you’d like to go watch it, but the fan theories that are out there really delve into what everything meant. We streamed the entire game is one continuous play-through so it will be like watching a movie. Watch and let me know what you think the Little Nightmares are or what it means.

I am also taking and writing down any game requests that viewers have. I have a couple written down so far to start after our current line-up. The next game up for play is called Oxen Free.

Keep Watching & Happy Screaming

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