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A friend texted me this past weekend saying this is our season.  I couldn’t agree more.  I sent a snail mail card to another friend, my TV buddy, to wish them a Happy Walking Dead season.  Not long before, I received an early and very much appreciated Star Wars Halloween card from family.  Perfect.  This is our season.

In Albuquerque, October is also its own season aside from just Halloween. They have the International Balloon Fiesta (which is unbelievable and worth a trip at least once in your life) and the smell of roasting hatch green chile in front of the local grocery stores. I learned during my time in New Mexico that green chile is everywhere in the fall. No joke.

Now that my Player 2 and I have moved to Montana, I am pulling holiday crates out of the crawl space and this month is all about finding new ways to enjoy this Halloween season. Researching local Halloween events makes me a little giddier than I’d like to admit, but it’s a fun time of year.

I already have several events penned into my calendar. So far on the calendar I have:

  • pumpkin patches
  • corn maze
  • haunted maze
  • apocalyptic paintball
  • haunted historic tour
  • haunted houses

I’m most excited for apocalyptic paintball. Hands down.

Apparently, it’s an apocalyptic hay ride where you shoot zombies while on the hay ride. Can’t wait to share what it’s like.

I’m most excited for apocalyptic paintball. Hands down. Click To Tweet

Not knowing the town, my interest is also very peaked for the haunted historic tour. In the description it shows that they will be taking us into underground tunnels below the city. Sounds like fun times. And I always enjoy a good ghost story.

Looking at the events I have written down on the calendar–it doesn’t even include the crafts, decorating, carving, gaming, and movie watching that goes into celebrating Halloween in our house. I plan on trying out some of the new trends going around the internet, like carving pineapples, and posting here about how well that works.

I was discussing the exterior decorations for our new home with my Player 2. We’ve seen a few other houses in our neighborhood start to put out their decorations and will put up ours soon. I’ve seen some incredible DIY tutorials online so I’ll have to see what we can incorporate this year. Trying to find that sweet spot between cute and creepy. I did blast Total Eclipse of the Heart from my front porch during the eclipse, so the neighbors already know we’re fun. 😉

What are you doing for your Halloween decorations? Are you going for sweet, scary, or somewhere in between?

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