Denver Trip

For the sake of the blog, I will now lovingly refer to my spouse as my Player 2.  A couple weeks ago, my Player 2 and I went to Denver for some business and some pleasure.  We got a new car and had some time to stop by the Denver Art Museum to see the Star Wars costume exhibit.  We also went to IKEA, which is all sorts of fun when you no longer live in a town that has one.

My player 2 let me know that in the bathroom, the last guest wrote “BEHIND YOU” on the mirror and it appeared when the shower fogged up the mirror.  It was high up so that it wasn’t easy to reach or be wiped away by housekeeping.  Kudos to person who did that.  That gave us a good laugh.

We played around with the Apple Car Play in our new car and have found that our new road trip obsession is listening to audiobooks.  So much fun.  I often read books in print or on my kindle, but I guess I’ve never really given audiobooks a fair try.  I really enjoyed it.

We listened to “Nerd Do Well,” written by and narrated by Simon Pegg.  It was absolutely hilarious and made the 6 hour drive home feel very short.  After trying out another audiobook once we were home, I think the narrator makes a big difference but it’s definitely one of my new favorite things to do while driving or cleaning.


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