Peek through the door or throw it open?

I thought some more about last week’s open or shut post. I think that I am undeniably on the shut the door team. I definitely would not want to be surprised by a monster walking in or not have time to hide or make a move. Shutting the door also creates somewhat of a barrier to sound even if it and the walls are thin, right?

It does leave us with another problem so I thought it would be fun to stick along the same theme this week and explore where this takes us.

The problem with shutting a door, of course, is now you must open it.

Now remember from the last post, in this scenario we are in a very large building with some type of frightening presence inside that will attack on sight. So, the question for today is do you slowly open the door to see out of the tiniest possible crack before opening it the rest of the way? Do you burst each and every door open to take whatever evil lies on the other side by surprise? Or are you completely keeping your chill and confidently opening and shutting doors like it will make no difference. Smug, much?


Actually, I think I would probably walk around and not worry about the door so much until I saw something frightening. Then, it would depend on several variables for me. For instance, am I armed? If not, I’d be on team very quietly, slowly and as sneakily as possible crack the door open to see what I’m getting into before moving anywhere else. ¬†Go team. If I’m armed, I’d like to be bold and say I’d storm¬†around like I own the place but I’m not that bold if I’m being honest.

I think whether or not you can defend yourself makes a world of difference in how you move around in a scary building with some out of this world threat. Or it would for me.

I can’t imagine that I would ever quickly open a door in a spooky place unless I meant to make a run for my life at the same time.

So what really would be the smarter choice? Throw the doors open and act like the alpha in each encounter or slyly move around and hope you remain undetected?

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